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As we continue to grow and shape the future of the mobile gaming industry, our studio and team has grown with it exponentialy.

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Tofu Heroes

Enter an outlandish world of Tofus and fight alongside your Tofu allies to vanquish enemies like the Stale, Wasabi, Smelly Tofus and Karaage Udon! Swipe, rotate, combine and summon special tofus to aid you in battle! Download Now

Kim's Garden

Travel to an enchanted world of gardening paradise and meet magical friends along the way. Over hundreds of flowers to grow, watch your garden flourish, and plant the seeds of your success! Download Now

Be the Hero of your story!

  • A huge part of what we do when making games is worldbuilding, and we want our games to feel like they exist in a universe that is real and believable, even though it might be a fantastical one.
  • We believe that the best things in games happen between players, and our games are about creating that connection and opportunities for player stories that can be retold time and time again outside of the game too.
  • We want our games to be less of a thing you’re trying to win and more of a fantasy that you immerse yourself into – like when you played pretend as a kid or like playing pen and paper role playing games.
  • We strive to give players opportunities to explore and find their own way of playing. The goals and challenges we set out for players are there primarily to spark their creativity and to make for hilarious mishaps.
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